Managed Services Division

Your SAP migration to the cloud starts right here

We understand that every organisation is different and that migrating your entire SAP environment is a very complex and daunting task. So, knowing your ambitions and how that will affect the process is the key to our joint success. Which is why we believe that a tailored, strategic implementation plan and business case is required before a SAP transition can even begin.

Five steps to your professional SAP consultation workshop with defined outcomes

Complete the online assessment form on the next page of this site to help us asses your current state. It usually takes about five minutes to complete and there are no deep technical questions.

If the assessment results recommend moving forward, complete the application form to submit your request for the free workshop. We will then be in contact to make the necessary arrangements.

Workshop Day one – Present our capabilities and credentials and then discuss best practices for moving SAP to Azure. Then investigate your existing architecture and goals for the future.

Next, we take a week working with our SAP and Microsoft engineers to form a draft set of recommendations for your ERP migration. Expect more contact while we clarify some of the technical details.

Workshop day two – we present an outline proposal that includes a baseline SAP migration plan including costs. The plan includes a Managed Services proposal, Azure cloud and SAP Basis management.

The workshop in detail

Our SAP Assessment workshop will provide you with a clear overview of your current SAP setup. It will include detailed information on which SAP workloads could/should be migrated as a matter of priority, ultimately delivering a solid and credible business case with a clear roadmap to your SAP transition.

This initial assessment is a key component in your journey with NTT, and the report that is generated can be used as a basis to comprehend and appreciate what is involved in your transformation. During the workshop, our experts gain a deep understanding of your current SAP setup in order to deliver the NTT SAP Assessment report.

Fully understanding the current state of your IT and SAP infrastructure is critical to planning the next steps and provides the information required to build a tailored plan that meets both your current and your future business needs.

The structure

  • Upfront consultation workshop – two days (with a week in between for analysis)
  • Proposal for a migration solution to Azure public cloud + systems management
  • A high-level cloud migration plan including a RACI matrix of responsibilities during the migration
  • Including Azure IaaS: VM, Storage, Backup solution, etc.
  • A Managed Services proposal with Azure cloud management, OS, Database, and SAP Basis management
Download the workshop brochure

The cost and conditions

There is no charge for running the consulting workshop or receiving our written proposal and recommendations for your proposed migration. However, as the time of our SAP specialists is limited, each workshop request will be evaluated to ensure that the goals are in line with the overall objectives of re-locating your SAP to Azure public cloud. Though very unlikely, NTT retain the right to refuse access to these facilities for those requests that do not fall into this scope.

Once you have the on-line assessment results,  simply complete the application contact form to open a discussion on your SAP system and secure your slot for the workshop.