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SAP to Cloud Migration Workshop – Detailed Description

Migrating your SAP environment is a very complex and daunting task. Which is why we believe a workshop is needed to help us better understand your business so we can build a tailored and strategic implementation plan and business case.

SAP Infrastructure Face Off: On-premises vs. Cloud

A blueprint that clearly illustrates the benefits derived from migrating your SAP system from on-premises to hosting it on Microsoft's Azure cloud.

Preparing your business for 2025 and beyond.

This handy five page summary states the case for relocating your SAP on Azure cloud and why NTT should be your partner of choice. Download to read later or email to a colleague.

Leveraging SAP on Azure for Business Transformation

An informative white paper from Microsoft, speficially written for business leaders on how to leverage your SAP to enable business transformation

Blog Post – Supercharging your SAP

In the first of a series of illuminating blog posts, Mark Paterson our VP of Managed Services at NTT EMEA, shares his discussions for our clients on why they are now turning to the public cloud for hosting their SAP infrastructure